About Us


Capture The World Inc. was originally started by David L. Carmichael Sr. in 1995. Due to unfortunate circumstances, he was incarcerated in his early 20’s. In 1995 while still incarcerated, he asked God to give him 7 different ideas for his brand. The number 7 in the Bible represents something being complete. With his 7 ideas, “Capture The World” was chosen as the name of the brand. David Carmichael Sr. officially started the brand when he was released in 2003. In 2016, David L. Carmichael Sr. gave the business to his son David L. Carmichael II. His son reestablished the brand as Capture The World Apparel LLC. Capture the World’s headquarters is in Hampton, VA. David Carmichael Sr. is still involved with the brand to this day and his son plans to take the brand to new heights.
Capture The World represents the young generation of creatives around the world. Next up are millennials and generation Z.
What is a creative? A creative can be described as an individual that see’s the world differently from everyone else. A creative can be looked at as a leader or a person who influences people with their gifts and talents.
A creative uses their gift from God not for money and fame, but for the greater good of the world. A creative thinks outside of the box and brings innovation in the world.
Anyone from the young generation can be a creative and CAPTURE THE WORLD.  But those people that are ambitious, passionate, and have perseverance are the only ones that can bring their gifts and talents to fruition and CAPTURE THE WORLD.
Are you a creative? Do you want to CAPTURE THE WORLD?

Capture the World Apparel plans to provide the finest high quality fashion, giving a unique look. The World is Yours, Capture it.


Capture The World is based in Hampton, VA, USA