COVID-19 Update

Updated 6/2/21:

How Capture The World Apparel is adapting to Covid-19

Capture The World Apparel LLC works with a fulfillment partner to print and ship some of our orders. Due to the implementation of the vaccine and other measures, COVID-19 has been less of an issue on their ability to fulfill and ship packages at a reasonable time. Shipping times have gotten a lot better with our fulfillment center partner. We’re in regular communication with them for the latest updates of what’s going on. 

Your support means a lot to us, especially during this time. Stay safe and take care of yourselves.



Is it safe to receive packages from areas where Covid-19 has been reported?

Yes. The likelihood of an infected person contaminating commercial goods is low and the risk of catching the virus that causes COVID-19 from a package that has been moved, traveled, and exposed to different conditions and temperature is also low.


Fulfillment & Shipping estimate

We don't keep anything in stock and if we do, it's not that many of each item. We only make items when an order is placed.  

Why do we do this? We don't want to take the chance of items sitting around our warehouse by mass producing everything. We are a small business & right now this method is the most cost effective for us.  

Take a good look at what item you would actually like before placing your order. If you don't like to wait, we would suggest picking an item fulfilled in Hampton, VA. Fulfillment time represents the time the item would be expected to be fulfilled/shipped and arrive to you. 

*If you are in Europe, Expect 10-14 days for items to arrive to you* 

*The times below mainly affects the USA* 

*Days are in business days*

Items Fulfilled in House in Hampton, VA Items Fulfilled with our Fulfillment Partner Fulfillment Time
God is Love Tee    2-5 Days 
Earth Day Tee    2-5 Days 
  Phone Cases 2-5 Days 
  Arcade Tee (Short & Long Sleeve) 10-14 Days 
  Arcade Crop Top  10-14 Days 
  Glow Globe Tee 10-14 Days 
  Glow Globe Hoodie 10-14 Days 
God is Love Flannel   3-7 Days 
  Gradient Fade Tee 10-14 Days 
  Jesus Peace Hoodie 10-14 Days 
  Jesus Peace Tees 10-14 Days 
  Logo Beanie  5-7 Days
  All Dad Hats & Snapbacks   5-7 Days
  Face Mask 5-8 Days
  Logo Sunset Tee 10-14 Days 
  Logo Tee 10-14 Days 
  Mamba World Beanie  5-7 Days 
  Mamba World Tees 10-14 Days 
  Mamba World Hoodie 10-14 Days 
  Phosphate Beanie  5-7 Days 
  Saturn Earth Tanktop 10-14 Days 
  Saturn Earth Tee 10-14 Days 
Zapfino Puff Tee  3-5 Days 
French Terry Shorts   3-5 Days
World is Yours Bleach Out Tee   3-7 Days 
World Tour Flannel   3-5 Days
MLK BLM Tee   3-5Days
Zapfino Sweatsuit    3-5 Days 
NASA Crewneck    3-5 Days
South Beach Tee   3-5 Days
Varsity Tee   3-5 Days
  Striped Sweatshirt 10-14 Days 


Any other questions please send an email to or use our live chat for any other questions you have.