The idea of Capture The World Inc. was originally started by David L. Carmichael Sr. in 1995 as a screenprinting company. With the inspiration of his father, David L. Carmichael II started Capture The World Apparel LLC in 2016. Capture the World’s headquarters is in Hampton, VA. The meaning behind the name “Capture the World” states that anybody in this world can accomplish anything they want to in life and be successful. No matter what your ethnicity, sex, or age is; you can accomplish anything as long as you believe in your dreams and keep God first. You can “Capture The World” in music, art, sports, photography technology, education, or whatever your passion is. Capture The World Apparel represents everyone that wants to pursue something positive in life. Capture The World Apparel inspires everyone to keep pursuing your dreams even when it seems like people don’t believe in you. By wearing our brand you are not just representing “Capture The World” but you are also respresenting yoursef. Capture the World Apparel plans to provide the finest fashion of clothes and new designers, giving a unique look. The World is Yours, Capture it.